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Scott Crevier I moved to De Pere from southern California in the summer of 1997. I launched DePere.com that same summer as a way to learn more about our great city and to serve as a much-needed resource for information about De Pere. The internet has changed much since then. Not only has the technology itself changed significantly, but there are many more people involved, making relevant content much easier to find.

So in 2014, after 17 years, I completely rebuilt the site from the ground up, with two major changes. First, I now only have a fraction of the content; I'm simply focusing on areas where I feel I can be helpful. And quite frankly, you may find some of the content to be simply useless. Sometimes I create a page for the challenge of the technical coding. Second, I'm using a design that is specifically focused on mobile devices first.

I also serve as Alderman, representing District 3 on the De Pere City Council. I invite you to check out my city council blog at: www.crevier.us.

I welcome your feedback about this web site or anything happening in the city.

Scott Crevier

[I built this web site with my own custom programming wrapped in the jQuery Mobile v1.3.2 framework.]

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